About Open Voice OS

Meet OpenVoiceOS, a newcomer in the smart speaker scene, offering a different choice from the usual options like Amazon Echo and Google Home. With OpenVoiceOS, you have control over your data and can customize your smart speaker experience. It's designed to respond accurately to your commands, whether you speak or touch the screen. OpenVoiceOS is open-source, meaning anyone can help improve it, and it can run offline for added privacy. If you're looking for a smart speaker that puts you in control, OpenVoiceOS might be the one for you.

Open Voice OS is a part of a larger ecosystem of FOSS voice technologies. Check Friends Projects to learn more.


MycroftAI Mark 1 Release

MycroftAI Mark 1 is released and Kickstarter campaign fulfilled.

First GUI

The first GUI saw the day of light in a cooperation between MycroftAI and BlueSystems based on KDE framework.

Neglect of Community Contributions

MycroftAI as a company starts to neglect community contributions.

Renaming to OpenVoiceOS - Mycroft Edition

MycroftOS was renamed to OpenVoiceOS - Mycroft Edition due to trademark issues enforced by MycroftAI.

Formation of OpenVoiceOS Team

Casimiro Ferreira (Jarbas), Aditya Mehra (AIX), and Peter Steenbergen (j1nx) join forces as Python developer, GUI/QT KDE developer, and Linux OS developer respectively.

NeonCore recreated on top of OVOS and relicensed under a FOSS license"

NeonCore recreated on top of OVOS and relicensed under a FOSS license

Daniel McKnight Joins OpenVoiceOS

Daniel McKnight, NeonAI's lead developer, joins the team.

MycroftAI Layoffs

MycroftAI lays off most of their staff. Only a skeleton crew remains.

Aditya Leaves OpenVoiceOS

Aditya leaves OpenVoiceOS.

Mycroft Forums Move

Mycroft forums move to Open Conversational AI.

OpenVoiceOS get's out of beta

OpenVoiceOS get's out of beta and is ready for the masses.